Nurse Call

personal alarm system

Health and safety in the health care industry

As health and safety becomes more important for those in the health care profession, we stock a range of personal alarm systems aimed at the health care industry. Used to summon help in the event of an emergency, or to warn of an attack, these devices can be easily activated when needed.

Put your staff's safety first with a reliable and professional nurse attack system. Installed as either an individual item or as part of an existing security system, we can find the best protection for you.

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Putting safety first for:

  • Mental health units
  • Hospitals
  • Courtrooms
  • Job Centres
  • Airports
  • GP Surgeries

A personal trigger is worn on the belt, out of sight, on the user in control of the attack system. When triggered this can send calls for either 'staff assistance' or 'staff attack'.

Mental health unit

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